Nordic Sport delivers the finest equipment in sports. Javelins are made: carbon, metal, aluminium and glass fiber. One of the world’s leading suppliers of track and field equipment. The materials and construction of the javelins is of the utmost importance. The Nordic Sport javelins are all manufactured with the famous Nordic finish and Nordic quality.

Nordic javelins is a hallmark among competitive sportsmen and organizers all over the world. The famous Swedish javelins were first manufactured from thin-walled steel
tubing by Seefab, Sandviken, more than 50 years ago, and have since then earned worldwide fame. In 1973 Nordic Sport took over the production.

Nordic’s latest javelin is VALHALLARead more about the characteristics of Valhalla here.

Official Site: Nordic Sport Javelins


Nemeth Javelins originally became famous for its innovative “rough surface” design. Each of our javelins is the unique product of our extraordinary attention to detail and quality. Our javelins correspond to the rules of the International Association of Athletic Federation. Fifteen different types of our javelins have received IAAF certificates. The highest quality of our skill is represented by the World and European records of Nemeth Javelins.

Nemeth Standard Javelins: High quality “traditional” Nemeth javelin. Recommended for technically beginner throwers, students and combined event athletes. Good compensation in case of inaccurate release. Suitable for both practices and competitions

Nemeth Classic Javelins: The most significant development from Nemeth Javelins, Olympic quality HAR (Humane Aluminum Response) competition javelin. Recommended for technically skilled, physically capable throwers. Requires accurate release.

Official site: http://www.nemethjavelins.hu/javelins


The choice of elite throwers worldwide! OTE javelins are handmade in the USA by the master artisans who are following in the tradition of the world’s greatest name in javelin development: Dick Held. The performance potential of OTE javelins is unsurpassed, being used for numerous championship wins and world records; including Jan Zelezny’s 1996 world record throw and Barbara Spotakova’s gold medal throw at the 2012 London Olympics!

All OTE javelins are made with precision to the closest tolerances allowed by the IAAF.

Headwind (H)
A headwind version of an OTE javelin describes a streamlined tip designed to help cut through the wind. This javelin tip, because of its small surface area, will have self-correcting characteristics when a thrower misses the point, adding valuable distance to a missed throw. The headwind version is ideal for ’power’ throwers who lack perfect technique but make up for it with strength and torque.

Tailwind (T)
A tailwind version of an OTE javelin describes a thicker, more blunted tip that increases the surface area in front of the javelin. When a thrower hits the point with a tailwind version of an OTE javelin, it will mimic the old rules style javelins, with a beautiful floating flight and greater distances. This tailwind version is ideal for ’finesse’ throwers who lack high outputs of power, yet throw at a high technical level.

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