There are so many back exercises out there that pose just as much risk as they do benefit and though I’m not trying to use scare tactics, when they parallel facts, there’s not much I can do. Having a good machine that forces people to stabilize and mobilize in the right places can really save my clients.

There aren’t too many of these machines around anymore. Gyms have given way to dead lifting platforms, fancy 1 leg hip extension machines and other modalities to train our hips and lower spines. So, the question that aeries is: Are the new innovations better? Not even close!

These old double hip and back machines are awesome but they’re a little tricky to figure out (they have a seatbelt) and they can be a touch noisy if you let them crash down on each rep. These and other random reasons have caused their unfair removal from various gyms. Keep in mind, physical challenges and noise are two things that should occur in a gym. The odd great machine should exist too.

Double hip and back machines can even be used for rehab and physio at lower intensities. I routinely have to restore these movements among my clients and I wish there were more of these machines around as they do an even better job than I can to restore good motion and recruitment.

They also serve to really strengthen the posterior chain for high performance sports like javelin, discus and shot put, baseball, soccer, running, ok all sports while helping the athlete focus on stability and mobility in all the right places.

If you see one in a gym or are serious about adding a great machine to your strength training program, pick one up used. They’re a wonderful machine for hip power, lower back strength and stretching out the hip flexors evenly.