May 26, 2018 / Finland

While everone is waiting for the Berlin European Athletics Championship javelin throw final, there is a new contender made his entry mark!  By beating Tero Pitkamaki 82.64m, Oliver Helander (21 years old) got the first place with his new PB of 85.46m. Oliver, who has been a star for his age group in Finland in the past couple of years, finaly made his debut for the senior age group.

Europe may have never seen such a strong javelin throw senior group than in 2018!!

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‘Venividivici’ feeling for RÖHLER and his Teammates!! No American javelin throwers entered this year DL competition!

Eugene, Or / USA, May 25, 2018

The German javelin throwers are rolling – again the triumph of victory in DL.  The over 90m throwers domination is assured anywhere they go!

Their throws results were not as surprising as in Doha, where the whole triad exceeded 90 meters. The order was the same now. Röhler wins with a throw 89.88. Vetter was second (89.34) and Hofmann third (86.45). The Czechs Jakub Vadlejch hit fourth with 85.40.

1 Thomas ROHLER 30 Sep 1991 Germany 89.88m (294-10 ) 1 (3) MR
2 Johannes VETTER 26 Mar 1993 Germany 89.34m (293-1 ) 1 (1)
3 Andreas HOFMANN 16 Dec 1991 Germany 86.45m (283-7 ) 1 (2)
4 Jakub VADLEJCH 10 Oct 1990 Czech Republic 85.40m (280-2 ) 1 (6)
5 Magnus KIRT 10 Apr 1990 Estonia 83.13m (272-9 ) 1 (4)
6 Neeraj CHOPRA 24 Dec 1997 India 80.81m (265-1 ) 1 (5)
7 Ahmed Bader MAGOUR 3 Mar 1996 Qatar 78.16m (256-5 ) 1 (7)
8 Petr FRYDRYCH 13 Jan 1988 Czech Republic 69.67m (228-7 )

All results from DL Prefontain Classic


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What is a successful block for a javelin thrower?  Learn about the technical insights of Olympic Champion Thomas Röhler. Read article about:

-Why is the block so important?

Article subjects: Block leg action, Active or Passive, Is that also possible with bent knee, The rythm, common mistakes, exercise for the block leg, physical preparation, coordinative preparation and exercises, improvement of the perception of movement, practice.

Follow the article on Thomas Röhler’s official site

Don’t miss the actions in JENA / June 30, 2018!!


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Kathryn Mitchell speaks out on biggest battle

Flying after the darkness by Melanie Whelan

Commonwealth Games javelin gold medallist Kathryn Mitchell’s toughest battle has been the inner turmoil she experienced early in her career. Mitchell is ready to speak publicly about that dark place, the suicidal thoughts. Mitchell does so, not now she has won gold, but because she feels ready to open doors and give voice to what is largely a silent issue.

THERE was a dark place, far from the from the glittery and shiny gold of the Commonwealth Games, Kathryn Mitchell chose to revisit. Mitchell did so, not wanting to be lured back into the darkness, but to learn how far she has flown.

What Mitchell read in old diaries was powerful and shocked her. Mitchell knew there would be the suicidal thoughts but the extent to which she had detailed that dark place was overwhelming. For so long, the thoughts had been enclosed in her diaries and packed away in boxes.

Mitchell’s perseverance in struggles with injury and her changed mindset in approach to her game were well-document and praised leading into last month’s Gold Coast Commonwealth Games. Then Mitchell won javelin gold and tales of her journey, the emotion in her final throw – knowing she was a gold medallist – captured the attention of the nation.

Continue reading …

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JAVELIN THROW RESULTS – 48. Internationale Franz Schuster Memorial 2018.

Schwechat – Phönixplatz / 20.05.2018 / 24C,


1  György HERCZEG Honved Budapest 2004 HUN 52,80 m
2  Szabolcs NEMETHY Honved Budapest 2003 HUN 48,32 m
3  Dusan VODICKA AC Jablonec 2003 CZE 43,68 m
4 Stepan SCHUBERT AC Jablonec 2003 CZE 40,14 m PB/SB

5 Attila HERCZEG Honved Budapest 2006 HUN 35,44 m
6  Kilian MOSER UNION St. Pölten 2003 AUT 31,65 m
7 Niklas LENZ LC Waldviertel 2003 AUT 29,73 m PB/SB
8  Christoph PFURNER SVS-Leichtathletik 2003 AUT 27,50 m

U16 Javelin throw: Némethy – Herczeg – Vodicka


1 Marek MUCHA Polen Federation 2001 POL 700g 70,81 m PB/SB
2 Doubek FRANTISEK TJ Sokol Nova P. 2002 CZE 700g 62,81 m PB/SB
3 Eryk KOLODZIEJCZAK Polen Federation 2002 POL 700g 58,52 m PB/SB
4 Fabian BATEN LAZ Rhede e.V 2001 GER 700g 47,49 m PB/SB
5 Jonas ARNOLD LAZ Rhede e.V 2001 GER 700g 45,18 m PB/SB
6 Simon WETTSTEIN TV Nußdorf 1913 2002 GER 700g 28,10 m PB/SB


1 Anna NEUNTEUFL ULC – Riverside Mödling 2001 AUT 41,20 m
2  Sabrina KOBERWEIN UNION St. Pölten 2001 AUT 39,42 m
3 Lucie KRALOVA SSK Vítkovice 2002 CZE 38,65 m PB/SB
4  Tina SIMON UNION St. Pölten 2001 AUT 35,35 m PB/SB
5 Sarah KERSCHENBAUER SVS-Leichtathletik 2001 AUT 34,50 m PB/SB
6  Lara-Sophie ROETHEL SVS-Leichtathletik 2002 AUT 29,80 m PB/SB
7 Patricia PFEIFFER SVS-Leichtathletik 2001 AUT 27,03 m PB/SB
8  Hanna KOUBSKY ATSV Ternitz 2003 AUT 25,05 m PB/SB


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