Just days ago in the III. Javelin Festival in Jena everyone could see and feel the latest javelin of the field of athletics market: the ‘Valhalla’ by Nordic.   David Parker, representative for Nordic Sport tells us about the Javelin’s story and  characteristics.

JTM: Where the ‘Valhalla’ name comes from for the latest Nordic Javelin?

D.P. The name comes from The Legend of Valhalla, where according to Norse Mythology, only the best Vikings will be selected to enter Valhalla!  Valhalla is located in Asgard and ruled over by the God, Odin.  Chosen by Odin, half of those who die in combat travel to Valhalla upon death lead by the Valkyries.  In Valhalla, the dead join the masses of those who have died in combat known as Einherjar and various legendary Germanic heroes and kings.

JTM: What makes ‘Valhalla’ Javelin known among throwers?  what is the charactereistics of the javelin?

D.P The Valhalla was launched recently, but underwent extensive testing with many of the top Javelin Thrower in the World down in Potchefstroom, South Africa in January 2018, where what now seems like an annual pilgrimage to some of the best facilities and weather in the World.  From there, word was starting to spread about the Valhalla and it’s sister Javelin the Valkyrie, which is coming soon.  Feedback was collected on the tests and taken back to the famous Nordic Factory in Lappland, and production of these groundbreaking Javelins started.  What we see now, is the first iteration of what we believe will be a global leader in the Javelin market, which throwers from all over the World will want to get hold of and throw!

The new Valhalla Javelins are aerodynamically designed from scratch for maximum glide. The ‘Hard Carbon’ Javelins are made of 100% Carbon and are specifically made for very technical throwers. The ‘Hard Carbon’ Javelin is very sensitive to technical errors/ flaws but when hit right it will directly self correct and go further that any other Javelin based on our calculations and knowledge/ experience in this field.

The ‘Medium Hybrid’ Javelins are made of mixed composite material and are specifically made for less technical, but more powerful throwers, who are in need of a more forgiving Javelin option. Our ‘Medium Hybrid’ Javelins are  therefore more forgiving than the ‘Hard Carbon’ Javelins already mentioned, and therefore allow the thrower to make minor technical errors.  The Javelin will self correct immediately after the release for imperfect throws.

We have also designed new tips for our Valhalla Javelin range. The NXS – Next Generation Sharp tip is made for maximum lift in all wind conditions.  The NXS tip is a universal tip and more forgiving in side/ cross wind conditions than any other tip on the market.

The NXB – Next Generation Blunt tip is made for maximum lift in predominantly tailwind and still conditions.  The NXB tip is therefore thicker and possesses more of a blunt presentation than any other javelin tip on the market.  This helps to create maximum lift and therefore longer glide during perfect wind conditions for this particular tip.


JTM: Why Nordic Sport (NS) has only 600gr and 800gr?  Would you have 700gr and 500gr?

D.P. We have very much focussed on producing the 600g and 80g first, because these Javelins are thrown by more throwers given they are the weights thrown by Senior athletes.  The 500g and 700g will be coming soon, of that there is no doubt!

JTM:  What the throwers say about the new javelin?  What feedback you have received so far?

D. P. We have had outstanding feedback so far, from many of the World’s best throwers.  Many personal bests have been set with the Valhalla.  However there are many more to be set, because not many throwers have had the opportunity to throw this fantastic Javelin in competition…..YET!!


JTM:  How to place an order for Valhalla?  How many days the shipping takes? Order info

D.P. The Valhalla can be purchased directly through Nordic Sport and their website as usual.  Shipping can take up to 2 weeks.  It is possible to purchase through Nordic Sport (UK) and other Nordic resellers around the World.  In the UK, Nordic hold stock and can ship immediately.  It takes 2-3 days to receive the Javelin normally.  Contact them via if UK based and interested in the Valhalla Javelin (or indeed for information on any other Nordic Javelins).

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