Adriana VILAGOŠ 61.81m with 500gr javelin! New IAAF U18 javelin leading mark!

Adriana Vilagoš (2004) started out with a new Serbian record with 61.82m with 500gr javelin (Sremska Mitrovica (SRB), 31 MAR 2019)!  The Serbian-Hungarian young thrower leads the IAAF U18 ranking list before the Chinese Yun Mo with 54.32m.  Adriana, with this incredible 61.81m, not only broke the age group record, but made the best mark for Serbia for the U18 age group. The 15 years old woman javelin throwers age group record previously belonged to  Carolina Visca ITA (31 May 00) who threw 60.09m  in Tbilisi on August 1, 2015. Adriana put an other 1.72m on that record!  What an incredible performance and she is far from her best of the year!!  It’s still April!

Adriana also threw 65.77 meter with 400gr last March in a local meet, since her school compaetition age group still throw with 400gr. The question may come, how far Adriana would throw with 600gr?  We’ll probably find out soon!!

Adriana is from Kishegyes, a Zenta area close to the Serbian-Hungarian border. She is now

a local sport celebrity sponsored by the local community and Serbian Athletics Federation.

Adriana started out as a handball player, just like Jan Zelezny in his youth year.  Now, that she made the IAAF U18 best mark, she decided to build her javelin throw career, working towars her Olympic dreams.

Check out the IAAF Ranking list for U18 girls with 500gr javelinLINK

April 5, 2019 IAAF U18 woman javelin throw ranking list

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