Long-term development of Javelin Throwers based on experience and evidence-based knowledge. Long-term development is created through the right basic exercises, performed in the right way, with the right intensity, in the right amount and at the right time – all in a long-term perspective!

13-15 years of age:

Selection of throwing athletes

Learn to perform general and basic exercises correctly, being technical as well as general exercises with a wide variety of movements.

Focus on that the basics and general throwing exercises are learned correctly.

16-17 years of age:

Throwers are introduction to more specialized training.

Continue with a lots of basic training, with special focus on: general throwing, flexibility, further developing speed and running technic, throws with shots an heavy balls, general and specific strength training.

Important with high level technical teaching of both general throwng exercises and the basic technical exercises.

FOCUS on avoiding overload damage, which is done by correct progression in the total training load.

18-20 years of age:

“Train to compete.”  Learn to cope with competition stress, focus on the big meet.

Be caucious on Weight training.  Throwers should learn about optimal, reactive and maximal strength.

Focus on  quality over the hole year.

If the thrower has the ability to go to an Elite level, then it should be through a good TEAM! A TEAM consists of a wide range of experts in: performance optimization, training and test analysis, sports medicine / treatment, injury prevention, massage, optimal recovery, mental optimization, diet, nutrition, dual caree, manager, etc.

Personality of an ELITE Thrower
Mind set – who and what has had an influence until now
Confidence and Self-Esteem (who are you?)
Hard working but also curious interested
Will power in combination with trust and positive behaviour
Challenge the coach and the team
Taking responsibility for her/his own development
Realistic and optimistic in setting goals
Having knowledge about what it takes
Ability to make a plan and follow it