European Throwing Conference 2017.


An line-up of internationally renowned coaches will be lecturing at the European Throwing Conference which takes place in Loughborough, Great Britain from 10-12 November.

This conference forms part of the Coaching Summit Series for 2017. It is collaboratively hosted by both Loughborough University and British Athletics and the aim is to bring coaches together to share best coaching practices and focus on the processes through which athletes must go if they are to perform at an elite level.

The list of speakers includes renowned hammer coach Tore Gustafsson, who coached Koji Murofushi to the world title in 2011 and Sophie Hitchon to an Olympic bronze medal last summer. Gustafsson is the first keynote speaker on the programme and he will also be leading a practical demonstration, as well as participating in a Q+A session on the final day of the conference.

The other keynote speakers confirmed for 11 November are Vern Gambetta and Rene Sack. Gambetta is one of the foremost experts on Functional Sports Training and a consultant to multiple world and Olympic medallists across a range of sports while Sack is the head coach of the women’s discus in Germany.

Garry Calvert (lef in white hat) and George Herczeg (middle) in Budapest, 2016

The three keynote speakers for the final day of the European Throwing Conference are Alex Wolf, Dale Stevenson and Garry Calvert. Wolf is the Head of Learning at the English Institute of Sport; Stevenson is the High Performance Throws Director at Athletics New Zealand and coach to world champion Tom Walsh; and Calvert is the coach of world U20 javelin champion and record-holder Neeraj Chopra from India.

All six keynote speakers will be part of an expert panel for a Q+A at the end of the programme on the final day of the conference.

Places to attend the European Throwing Conference are limited and the deadline to register for the event is 31 October. For more information about the conference, please click here.

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27 AUG 2017 / 16:00 / BERLIN, GERMANY


1 VETTER Johannes GER 26 MAR 1993 9 89.85
2 RÖHLER Thomas GER 30 SEP 1991 8 86.07
3 VADLEJCH Jakub CZE 10 OCT 1990 7 85.15
4 ŠTROBINDERS Rolands LAT 14 APR 1992 2 82.61
5 FRYDRYCH Petr CZE 13 JAN 1988 6 79.02
6 SEIFERT Bernhard GER 15 FEB 1993 3 78.86
7 MAGOUR Ahmed Bader QAT 3 MAR 1996 4 77.52
8 HAMANN Lars GER 4 APR 1989 5 76.87
9 HOSTETLER Cyrus USA 8 AUG 1986 1 66.93


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Tom Meier’s javelin throw season finished due to elbow injury


For javelin drivers Tom Meier (LC Jena, Coach Petra Felke (mother)), the athletics season is already over before the big climaxes. The 20-year-old is working on a muscle fracture in the elbow of the right limb. “Unfortunately the crack is too big. In addition, a joint edema has formed, so we have decided to cancel the season. If I had tried it again, the danger would simply have been too great, that I would be even more seriously injured, “said the medical student.

Not the first setback
It is not the first setback in the career of the young javelin. On 2 August 2015 he tore the cross-band at the U20-DM in the domestic Ernst-Abbe-Sportfeld. 11 months later he was back and won a little later silver at the U20-DM in Mönchengladbach. Also the first competition 2017 ran well for the 20-year-old. At 71.95 meters Tom Meier’s spear flew in Offenburg. With the second-best competition of his career, he immediately dropped the DM standard for Erfurt. Now he will not be able to compete there in early July. But one thing is clear: the young spearhead will be reckoned with in the coming years despite a new setback.

Jena, 2017

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The battle of Chao-Tsun Cheng 91.36m and Andreas Emil Hofmann 91.06m in the Universiade!


What a battle between Taipei Cheng and Germany’s top thrower Andreas Hoffmann!!  After the 5th throw Hofmann was leading the championship.  Then,  Cheng bursted to a new Asian record with 91.36m!!  And, what a response and new personal best for Hofmann who responded with a life personal best of 912.06m!

1 CHENG Chao-Tsun TPE 17 OCT 1993 83.91 82.45 X 84.37 X 91.36 91.36 UR
2 HOFMANN Andreas Emil GER 16 DEC 1991 83.00 X 85.59 85.97 88.33 91.07 91.07 PB
3 HUANG Shih-Feng TPE 2 MAR 1992 81.34 X 81.96 86.64 – X 86.64 PB
4 MARDARE Andrian MDA 20 JUN 1995 77.20 X 76.91 80.63 X 79.59 80.63
5 KRUKOWSKI Marcin POL 14 JUN 1992 78.37 79.38 78.59 78.75 X 79.37 79.38
6 RIVASZ-TOTH Norbert HUN 6 MAY 1996 77.23 73.64 72.41 78.42 75.79 74.84 78.42
7 WHITE William David B AUS 6 JUN 1994 77.74 76.52 X 73.74 X X 77.74 PB
8 LANGTON BURNELL B NZL 7 OCT 1992 75.93 71.88 X 67.26 73.93 70.98 75.93
9 OGURA Kenji JPN 8 JUN 1995 72.03 X 74.82 74.82
10 SIMOLIUNAS Skirmantas LTU 13 MAR 1994 62.84 74.27 70.47 74.27
11 O’BRIEN Liam James AUS 13 APR 1996 65.19 68.83 69.80 69.80
12 RANASINGHE R SRI 10 FEB 1991 69.65 X X 69.65


Chao-Tsun Cheng shattered the Asian record in the javelin throw at the World University Games in Taipei City on Saturday (26).

Competing before an energised home crowd at Taipei Stadium, the 23-year-old from Chinese Taipei threw 91.36m in the final round to break the previous Asian record of 89.15m set by Zhao Qinggang of China at the 2014 Asian Games in Incheon.

In a competition of remarkable quality, Cheng defeated Germany’s Andreas Hofmann who reached 91.07m with the competition’s final dramatic effort.

“Before the competition, I was discussing it with Coach Anders [Borgstrom] and saying I wanted to get past 90 metres and to become Asia’s first to do it,” Cheng said. “I wanted to be a javelin legend and to leave an incredible score on home soil.”

With their performances, Cheng and Hoffman rose to positions 12 and 14 respectively on the all-time performer list and became the 17th and 18th members of the event’s still exclusive 90-metre club.

Cheng, who entered the competition with an 86.92m lifetime best set last April, took the early lead with an opening round effort of 83.91m. But Hofmann, who opened with an 83.00m throw, took full command in round three when he reached 85.59m, improving in every subsequent round. He threw 85.97m in the fourth, and a near-PB 88.33m in the fifth.

Meanwhile, Cheng improved marginally in the fourth round with an 84.37m effort before fouling on his fifth throw. His winning 91.36m blast followed.

That effort inspired Hoffman, a finalist at the last two World Championships, who responded with a lifetime best of his own, but coming up just a little short with his 91.07m bomb. It was only the second time in history that a throw landing beyond 91 metres would fall short of victory. The first was Finn Aki Parviainen’s 91.31m throw at the 2001 World Championships when he claimed silver behind Jan Zelezny.

Cheng’s teammate Shih-Feng Huang, the world youth champion in 2009 and 2015 Asian champion, broke his previous best by nearly three metres to 86.64m to finish third.

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24 Aug 2017, ZURICH


1 CZE ŠPOTÁKOVÁ, Barbora 65.54
2 AUS ROBERTS, Kelsey-Lee 64.53 PB
3 CRO KOLAK, Sara 64.47
4 BLR KHALADOVICH, Tatsiana 62.89
5 SLO RATEJ, Martina 62.77
6 LAT PALAMEIKA, Madara 62.60
7 USA WINGER, Kara 62.01
8 CAN GLEADLE, Elizabeth 59.06
9 SUI RUCKSTUHL, Géraldine 52.08


1 CZE VADLEJCH, Jakub 88.50
2 GER RÖHLER, Thomas 86.59
3 FIN PITKÄMÄKI, Tero 86.57
4 GER VETTER, Johannes 86.15
5 TTO WALCOTT, Keshorn 85.11
6 EST KIRT, Magnus 84.73
7 IND CHOPRA, Neeraj 83.80
8 QAT MAGOUR, Ahmed Bader 83.73

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