Berlin, Germany August 10, 2018 / RESULTS

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Berlin, August 9, 2018 / OFFICIAL RESULTS

Javelin Throw Men Final
Thomas Röhler – Gold 89.47
The warm-up was good and my throws were good, too. Javelin is so popular here in Germany. The atmosphere was amazing, the audience was behind every throw. We have so many strong throwers because all this has been built up, it is a long process to build a javelin team. We share knowledge, we put our heads together, the secret is NOT to have secret. I am super happy. This is javelin-Germany! In javelin throw you need a lot of precision and this precision can disappear quickly. Andreas Hofmann and me did everything that was possible today. This evening put my spirits so high. A European title in the javelin throw mean a lot to me.

Andreas Hofmann – Silver 87.60
Wow! This is phat: Vice European champion! When the javelin leaves your hand, you feel it. You feel if it is a good one or not. With some of my attempts tonight something in the air was wrong, the javelin went down too early. During the competition I was thinking “Throw further! Do your best! Beat the other guys! I want a medal!” Thomas and me, we are good friends outside the competition (both smile). He gives me very good advice because he is very knowledgeable in javelin technique. He is a very good guy (smiles).


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August 8, 2018 / Berlin, Germany

Javelin Throw Men Qualification results LINK

11  Antti Ruuskanen Finland A 79.93 q +
12 Petr Frydrych Czech Republic A 79.74 q

Interviews after qualification throws

Marcin Krukowski – Winner 84.35 SB Q
I feel in a very good shape since two weeks. I got some rest and recovery before this competition. It is all about technique. I hate this weather and this heat. I do not feel well. At the final, in the evening, it will be less hot. In the final I will do my best and try to fight for a medal, but it will be difficult because 88 or more metres will be needed. The other guys are just so strong. I will need to achieve a new SB, maybe a new PB.

Andreas Hofmann – Second 82.36 Q
Precision work? Well, the qualification was set at 82 metres and this was today’s aim. At former competitions, the first attempt has always been right . And it does not matter how much over 82 metres you throw, you are in the final. We are three strong German javelin throwers, before the competition we pat on our backs and wish each other good luck. But when the event starts, we are competitors. Tomorrow evening the stadium will be even fuller, and the people will quicken us and their support will be a tail wind for us. We want to show them what we are capable of. About meeting expectations of the public? Well, I am fading that out. In a qualification and in a final anyting can happen. I look at all that quite relaxed. I just do my own thing.

Group B qualifiers
Johannes Vetter – Winner 87.39 Q
It is important that already at the first attempt things work. The conditions were very tough, in the sun, it is hot and the tartan is getting warm and soft. I felt a little pain during the qualification at my right ankle but at this high level of professional sport there can be pains and aches. The heat is stressful for the body, but tomorrow evening there will be shadow and it will be less warm. Everything went like we had planned it. All three German athletes will be in the final. Now I am looking forward to my icebath. After today’s 87 metres I want to show even more tomorrow. This stadium is phat and there is an amazing atmoshere. I competed at Istaf twice and so far I always won in Berlin.

Thomas Röhler – Second 85.47 Q
My first attempt was technically good, but then I slid 35 centimetres as the rubber got warm and soft.That’s what happen when tartan gets hot. The second attempt was too careful. The third attempt was solid. The atmosphere at this qualification was unusually positiv, we had a good momentum there. So what will it even be like on Thursday? I guess, something like in Zurich. Togetherness? We are a sportsteam of individualists who all want to win the competition. To win the final, one will need a throw that is technically really good. The wind changes a lot in this stadium and it will also depend on the shape of the day. I am looking forward to a great experience with the audience.

Magnus Kirt – Third 83.15 Q
It was a really good and fast qualification, very much in line with I was throwing during the warm-up. The heat is definitely affecting the competition, so we have to be smart, and try to save as much energy as possible. For the final, I am going to try and be very competitive. Hopefully, I will have had the chance of getting use to this heat by then.

Jakub Vadlech – Sixth 80.28 q
When I was entering the competition, I had no idea about my running because I have not been throwing properly for a month. I thought that I am not able to run that fast because of that but then I was surprised. I do not know what to think about it. The first throw was very long, maybe 84 metres, but I did not manage to stay behind the line. Then, I started to feel the groin and I got a bit scared. I believe that in the final it can be different if I start with a nice first throw. It will be even better atmosphere and in the evening, the weather will also be a bit cooler.

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July 28, 2018 / China, Beijing.

The javelin world woke up this morning and saidly noticed Garry’s facebook page message “Dear friends and family, it saddens me to inform that Garry calvert has passed away yesterday from a heart attack. It is heartbreaking! We will update later. Thank you.”

The 63-year-old Calvert, an Australian serving as the Chinese national javelin coach, died of a heart attack in China’s capital.

What a loss!  The man who dedicated his entire life for javelin throw!  Coaching Jarrod Bannister, Neeraj Chopra, the Australian, Indian and Chinese elit throwers, his coaching life came to an end.  A fatal heartattack simply ended Garry’s life.

Garry Calvert with Neeraj Chopra

Under Calvert who served as India’s javelin coach from February 2016 to April 2017, Neeraj won a historic gold at the 2016 World Junior Championships in Poland with a throw of 86.48 metres.

Neeraj, who is currently training in Finland as part of preparations for the upcoming Asian Games, paid tribute to his former coach, saying he had learnt a lot under the Australian.

Calvert was initially appointed in February 2016 for a two-year tenure but resigned in April 2017. He reportedly wanted to revise his contractual terms and extend his tenure till the 2020 Olympics with a 50 per cent hike in his salary.  After the decision Garry accpeted a tenure with the Chinese Javelin Team.

Garry was also coached by Miklós Nemeth in 1981 in Budapest. They met in Budapest Athletics Meet in 2016 for the last time.

Garry’s coaching website:

Thoughts to his family and friends. R.I.P.

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by Dennis Österberg at Nordic Sport

The new Valhalla Javelins are aerodynamically designed from scratch for maximum glide.

The ‘Hard Carbon’ Javelins are made of 100% Carbon and are specifically made for very technical throwers. The ‘Hard Carbon’ Javelin is very sensitive to technical errors/ flaws but when hit right it will directly self correct and go further that any other Javelin based on our calculations and knowledge/ experience in this field.


The ‘Medium Hybrid’ Javelins are made of mixed composite material and are specifically made for less technical, but more powerful throwers, who are in need of a more forgiving Javelin option. Our ‘Medium Hybrid’ Javelins are therefore more forgiving than the ‘Hard Carbon’ Javelins already mentioned, and therefore allow the thrower to make minor technical errors. The Javelin will self correct immediately after the release for imperfect throws.

We have also designed new tips for our Valhalla Javelin range. The NXS – Next Generation Sharp tip is made for maximum lift in all wind conditions. The NXS tip is a universal tip and more forgiving in side/ cross wind conditions than any other tip on the market.

The NXB – Next Generation Blunt tip is made for maximum lift in predominantly tailwind and still conditions. The NXB tip is therefore thicker and possesses more of a blunt presentation than any other javelin tip on the market. This helps to create maximum lift and therefore longer glide during perfect wind conditions for this particular tip.

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