Andreas Hofmann’s new 91.44m Stadiumrecord in Rehlingen!

54. Pfingstsportfest / Rehlingen-Siersburg, Bungertstadion, 20.05.2018

In the javelin lot was talked about in the run-up to the 20-year-old stadium record by national coach Boris Obergföll. However, it was not world champion Johannes Vetter (LG Offenburg), who could surpass the mark of his home trainer, but Andreas Hofmann (MTG Mannheim), who also repeated his previous year’s success in Rehlingen. In the first attempt he increased his personal best to 91.44 meters. “If he had the wind at the same strength not from the front, but as a tailwind, it would probably have been two meters more,” analyzed the coach.

“I was in a good mood today and of course I’m overjoyed,” beamed Andreas Hofmann. “In the first everything went well, but that did not change the goals, and next time I want to keep on topping it off.” On the other hand, Johannes Vetter struggled with technical problems and had to settle for 84.14 meters and third behind Vice World Champion Jakub Vadlejch (Czech Republic, 88.76 m).

In London last summer, Hofmann was in eighth as Vetter, who leads the world lists with 92.70m from the European Throwing Cup in Leiria, took gold.

He was already the third best thrower in the world this year with his 90.08m from the opening IAAF Diamond League meeting in Doha at the start of the year but now he has edged ever closer to Vetter and Olympic champion Rohler, who won in Doha with 91.78m.

Speerwurf, Männer (800g) 20.05.2018 / 18:00

1 329 Hofmann Andreas 1991 GER MTG Mannheim 91,44
91,44 86,60 86,20 x x 83,10
2 330 Vadlejch Jakub 1990 CZE Tschechien 88,76
88,76 x 83,42 x x x
3 328 Vetter Johannes 1993 GER LG Offenburg 84,14
x 84,14 x x x 81,61
4 332 Mialeshka Pavel 1992 BLR Weissrussland 82,05
82,05 x 74,58 77,45 x x
5 333 Seifert Bernhard 1993 GER SC Potsdam 76,32
x 76,09 x 76,32 x 74,33
6 331 Strobinders Rolands 1992 LAT Lettland 75,43
x x 75,43 x x x
7 335 Koch Markus 1993 GER LG Offenburg 69,72
69,72 x x x x x
8 336 Schlegel Tomas 1999 GER LC Rehlingen 59,85
56,99 x 58,36 59,85 – –

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