Kathryn Mitchell 67.58m – a new Australian javelin throw record!

by http://athletics.com.au

Kathryn Mitchell (Vic) is the new Australian record holder in women’s javelin, throwing 67.58m at a meet in Ringwood, Victoria on Sunday afternoon.

It was an emotional moment for Mitchell in the wake of the death of Australian men’s record holder, Jarrod Bannister on Friday. The pair shared a coach in former East German world record holder Uwe Hohn until 2010.

“To be honest it has been a shock this week,” said Mitchell. “The record drips in irony.

“Most people’s heart and spirit would have been heavy about the loss. I can only image what the family are feeling about the loss.”

The previous national mark of 66.83m was set by Kim Mickle in 2014.

Mitchell, fouled on her first attempt at the Athletics Victoria throws meet before launching a booming 67.58m. It improved her world lead set late last month of 66.73m, just 10 centimetres short of the national record.

Kathryn with Uwe Hohn

The two-time Olympian then followed with 65.89m, a foul, 65.56m, and finally 64.47m.


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