JenJavelin Festival Coaching Special 2018!

Set your javelin throw meet calendar ready for 2018! The LC Jena Javelin Camp & Competition is open for all levels and age groups starting from 14 to seniors!! A great week of learning, watching and exchange!  An experience you’ll never forget!

JenJavelin Festival Coaching Special 2018
In 2018 we do have a special international training week from June 25th to July 1st in Jena (GER) with an included entry at the Jena Javelin Festival on June 30th for all athletes attending the camp. At that time we will have many international top athletes, coaches and aspiring athletes and teams in Jena to enjoy a week of javelin expertise coaching, learning and talking. For sure our coaches around Petra Felke, Harro Schwuchow and Thomas Röhler take care of all athletes from around the world.
The whole package including accommodation for 6 nights (incl. breakfast) in one of our partner hotels in single or double room, coaching and lunch option at our sports centre and facility/club.  Accompanying persons and coaches just pay their separate accommodation, so no additional costs.


Contact E-mail address: 

All Info on soon


Shorter or longer stays (for example arriving at 24th already like some do) before the Jena Javelin Festival can be reserved up on request.

Concerning the kids we’ll have a mixed session competition or separate – need to see the number of registrations but from now it looks good!! JenJavelin will also launch their official website, so updates coming in soon and steady (Official website launch is on Jan 20-21 weekend).


Petra Felke


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