July 11, 2017, Luzern / Official results link

We knew it’s coming!  It was a question of time and place for Johannes Vetter where he throws over 90m!  That was Luzern.  A night when his olympic champion teammate Thomas Röhler threw over 89m again!

Johannes Vetter (LG Offenburg) this summer already had two competitions with 89 meter throws and two more with 88 meter throws. But what fireworks the 24-year-old burned on Tuesday in Lucerne (Switzerland), made everybody speechless. Not once, not twice, not three times, but four times his javelin flew over the 90m line. In the fourth round, he landed at 94.44 meters. Just AMAZING!

4 weeks before the IAAF London World Championships, Johannes prepares the game plan with Boris Öbergföll and Werner Daniels, and with his Offenburg Team.  The major international title is still missing from his vitrine!

Johannes and Boris

Javelin throw Luzern Results

1 364 Vetter Johannes 1993 GER Germany 94,44 m
90,75 91,06 93,06 94,44 89,50 x
2 295 Röhler Thomas 1991 GER Germany 89,45 m
82,18 85,04 85,60 89,45 88,47 x
3 379 Laanmäe Tanel 1989 EST Estonia 82,58 m
80,67 80,60 78,83 77,59 82,58 78,47
4 380 Strobinders Rolands 1992 LAT Latvia 80,15 m
78,99 x 80,15 79,05 78,62 78,10
5 440 Amb Kim 1990 SWE Sweden 79,46 m
x x 78,38 79,46 77,26 77,15
6 397 Bruns Ansis 1989 LAT Latvia 75,16 m
73,63 75,16 x 71,78 x 74,33
7 417 Fraresso Mauro 1993 ITA Italy 70,75 m
x 70,75 x x 68,90 x
8 462 Bertolini Roberto 1985 ITA Italy 70,73 m
69,48 70,73 x x x x

German record by Thomas Röhler exceeded / by news

This is the reason why the already “unbelievable” German record of Olympic medalist Thomas Röhler (LC Jena, 93.90 m) from Doha (Qatar) held only eight weeks ago : World record holder Jan Zelezny (Czech Republic, 98.48 m), who also fired five 90-meter throws in a competition in Stellenbosch (South Africa) in 1997, a more than Johannes Vetter on this nevertheless memorable evening In Lucerne.

After the Diamond League meeting in Paris (France) and the German Championships in the weekend in Erfurt, he also left Thomas Röhler, who finished second in Lucerne as well as 89.45 meters. The Olympian winner had previously won in front of Johannes Vetter at five competitions in the summer, breaking the 90 meters in Doha (93.90 m), Rome (Italy, 90.06 m) and Ostrava (Czech Republic, 91.53 m). There is a giant duel at the World Championships in London (UK, 4 to 13 August).

By the way, Johannes Vetter was also the best performer of his coach Boris Obergföll, who had scored 90.44 meters in Linz in 1995. The Bundestrainer was at the record throw of his protege close up, clapped at the band applause as the Offenburger to his record throw took. The track was wet by the previous rain, but it was no longer raining during the competition.


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