July 6, 2017. / Lausanne / Diamond League

Olympic Champion Sara Kolak set a new record for Croatia with 68.43m for her lat throw! Barbora Spotáková took second with her seasno best throw of 67.40m. A month before the IAAF WAC in London the woman javelin throw is heating up!


1 KOLAK Sara CRO 22 JUN 1995 63.94 64.64 66.65 x 65.78 68.43 68.43 WL MR NR
2 ŠPOTÁKOVÁ Barbora CZE 30 JUN 1981 67.40 63.50 – 62.12 x 64.59 67.40 SB
3 MITCHELL Kathryn AUS 10 JUL 1982 61.71 60.74 64.91 61.94 66.12 61.11 66.12 PB
4 ROBERTS Kelsey-Lee AUS 21 SEP 1991 61.49 59.59 60.96 61.22 55.00 64.06 64.06 =PB
5 KHALADOVICH Tatsiana BLR 21 JUN 1991 62.29 x x x 60.32 x 62.29
6 VILJOEN Sunette RSA 6 OCT 1983 60.01 61.19 59.15 59.60 61.38 56.02 61.38
7 PALAMEIKA Madara LAT 18 JUN 1987 56.19 60.35 59.75 59.68 57.66 59.20 60.35
8 WINGER Kara USA 10 APR 1986 59.19 x x x x 58.29 59.19
9 LAASMA Liina EST 13 JAN 1992 56.03 57.35 55.61 57.35
10 MOLITOR Katharina GER 8 NOV 1983 56.54 57.03 x 57.03

Lausanne: Kolak Comes Of Age – by Diamond League Lausanne

Sara Kolak may yet have to suffer being called the surprise Olympic champion every time her Rio exploits are recalled but she reinforced the fact that it was no fluke in emphatic fashion when she twice extended her national record at the IAAF Diamond League meeting in Lausanne on Thursday (6), finishing with a world-leading 68.43m with her final effort.

In balmy conditions with just the gentlest of breezes to help the javelin throwers, Czech world record holder and two-time Olympic champion Barbora Spotakova opened with a world-leading 67.40m to show there is still some fight and flight left in her arms.

In many competitions, that would have more than sufficed for victory but Kolak showed that she is a formidable competitor as well and gradually improved over the first three rounds: 63.94m, 64.64m and then her first national record of the night, 66.65m to add 47cm to her previous record, which was set in Rio.

By contrast, after her big opening throw, Spotakova seemed to lose a bit of her spark but Kolak never threw in the towel. After a foul and a fifth round throw of 65.78m, she then unleased her massive effort to take the lead and usurp Spotakova.

Spotakova had the very last throw of the competition but, with all eyes in the stadium on her, she fell short with 64.59m.

“The performance did not surprise me,” reflected Kolak, who clearly knew something the rest of the world didn’t.

“I want to go step-by-step from here. Stay healthy. Build my strength and make it to the final in London,” she added, expressing a rather modest ambition from her current position on top of the world lists. “I am writing my own story in my out-of-the-box way. People in Croatia have high expectations and I want to live up to that.”

In a competition of excellent depth, Australia’s Kathryn Mitchell took third place with a personal best of 66.12m in the fifth round.



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