56th Ostrava Golden Spike / June 28, 2017. Ostrava

Official site: http://www.zlatatretra.cz/

Head to head for Czech Republic Vs. Germany!  The 4 Musketeers of each side!  National Matadors for the best throws!

Javelin Throw
1 Veselý Vítězslav 27.2.1983 CZE Czech Republic JT M 88.34 78.42
2 Vadlejch Jakub 10.10.1990 CZE Czech Republic JT M 88.02 87.91
3 Jílek Jaroslav 22.10.1989 CZE Czech Republic JT M 83.19 82.46
4 Frydrych Petr 13.1.1988 CZE Czech Republic JT M 88.23 79.31
5 Röhler Thomas 30.9.1991 GER Germany JT M 93.90 93.90
6 Vetter Johannes 26.3.1993 GER Germany JT M 89.68 89.68
7 Hofmann Andreas 16.12.1991 GER Germany JT M 88.79 88.79
8 Hamann Lars 4.4.1989 GER Germany JT M 86.71 86.71

The winning team will get a special prize, the moderators will inform about the actual standing after each series. The captain of the home team will be no other than the meeting director and the legend of this even Jan Železný. His selection is clear, the diamond League winner Jakub Vadlejch (88.02), world champion Vítězslav Veselý (88.34), uprising star Jaroslav Jílek (83.19) and experienced Petr Frydrych (88.23).

However, the opponents will be also strong. The captain will be the next legend, the 1972 Olympic champion and the former world record holder Klaus Wolfermann. His quartet will be of a high quality with the Olympic champion Thomas Rohler in leading position (in Doha, he showed the best „Non-Železný“ performance in the history 93.90). Then the team consists of Johannes Vetter, who improved to 89.68 in Doha, Andreas Hofmann (improved to 88.79 this year) and Lars Hamman (also his improved personal maximum this year 86.71). Clash of the giants.

Kenya and the 3000 m steeplechase is a historical connection. The list of the Rio 2016 Olympic champions for Ostrava will be enlarged by the seventh on the list Conseslus Kipruto. This 22-year-old former world junior champion was unbeaten last year; he won in Rio and also the Diamond League series. He improved his personal best to 8:00.12. We saw him in Ostrava 2013 when he won achieving 8:11.27.

It was also the last time when Ostrava had the men´s steeple in its program so it is returning after 4 years. Kipruto wants to offer the audience the attack on the meeting record performed by his compatriot Paul Koech 8:02.55 from 2011. It is historically the best time on the Czech soil. The rich history of the men´s steeple at the Golden Spike meeting can be confirmed also by the fact that all the 10 best times in the history on the Czech soil were achieved in Ostrava.

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